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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


K850i Features
Auto focus Picture wallpaper
Red-eye reduction
Video stabiliser
Digital zoom
Video record
Video streaming
Wallpaper animation
Image stabiliser
Xenon flash
Video Clip
Video call
Picture blogging

Photo functions galore
Automatic lens cover. Auto focus for no-hassle sharpness, xenon flash for poor light conditions. In short, all the functions you need for perfect shots.

Bad pictures? Not likely
With BestPic™, it's hard to take a bad picture. You get nine shots in quick succession. Just keep the ones you like. Improve underexposed pictures instantly with Photo fix.

View and blog
Enjoy your photos on the crystal clear display. Or share - send your pictures to your blog for all to see.

Never miss a shot
Now you always have a camera with you, so use it: document a day trip, capture a moment of madness or just fool around. Sony Ericsson photo phones use Cyber-shot™ technology to give you mobile imaging that’s just as good as your digital camera. Phones for photographers.
Light when you need it
Throw a little light on the subject with xenon flash. It emits a burst of high-intensity light at just the right moment, allowing you to shoot well-lit pictures indoors or in low-light conditions.

Pay attention to the details that matter. Unlike one-size-fits-all fixed focus, auto focus homes in on the subject in the centre of the screen, so you capture exactly what you want.

Photo fix - improve under-exposed pictures
Select Photo fix to improve pictures that you think can be better. In a one-click operation, brightness, light and contrast are adjusted to give you the best possible picture.

Perfect timing
Put an end to mistimed photos. BestPic™ gives you nine chances to capture the precise moment you want. As well as your shot, Cyber-shot™ phones take four images as you press the button, and another four afterwards. Pick the one you want, bin the rest.

Anti-blur technology
You know how your hand moves when you press the button to take a photo? The image stabiliser compensates for those small movements, reducing the chance of your photo coming out blurred. Finally, you can leave your tripod at home.

Picture blogging
Take a picture and send it straight to your very own image blog. Friends and family can see what you see - instantly. Ideal for sharing holiday snaps quickly and easily. And you automatically build up an archive over time.

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